Beginner’s Guide to Windows

It is necessary to use several tools to manage your Windows computer. For example, you need to frequently clean up temporary files to free up storage space. The Windows operating system offers many built-in tools South Africa WhatsApp Number List for administration purposes. However, many users lack these tools and find it difficult to handle simpler tasks. Using this guide, learn what Windows Administrative Tools are and how to access Administrative Tools. In addition, find advice on their features and how to use them. What are Windows Administrative Tools? These advanced tools help the device administrator to manage and troubleshoot Windows issues. in addition, The Windows Administrative Tools folder located in Control Panel helps system administrators and power users customize Windows features. Some of the tools included include device defragmentation, clearing cache, creating and editing user accounts, and device monitor.

How Do I Access the Administration

The tools are located in your Windows installation path and the following subfolders. Therefore, they are easily accessible from Start menu, File Explorer, Command Prompt option and Control Panel. This tutorial is based on Windows 10 Pro edition. Depending on the edition of Windows you are using, access to the administrative tools section may be somewhat different. Also, the available tools may vary depending on the version of Windows. Method 1. Access via the Start menu Click the Windows Start button. Scroll down to the Windows Administrative Tools menu. Select the tool you want to use, ranging from Component Services, iSCSI Initiator, Performance Monitor, Registry Editor, and Windows Memory Diagnostic, among others.

Access via Control Panel

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Access via the start menu Access via the start menu Method 2. Access via the search icon You can also search from the Windows search icon on the taskbar. If you’re using Windows 10, locate the Cortana search icon in the taskbar and type “Windows Administrative Tools”. Coupled with, Select the first option to open the Administrative Tools window. Find admin tools Find admin tools Method 3. Access via Control Panel Use Windows Search and search for “Control Panel”. Open the Control Panel app. Select the “System and Security” tab. On the next page, select administrative tools at the bottom to open the list of tools.

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