Benefit From Unlimited and Free Storage Space

Badongo is a hosting site that allows you to store your large documents online for free, then share them with your friends, family or readers. The media Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List manager of our platform does not allow uploading files of too large a size. This site also provides you with a widget that allows you to link your documents directly from your blog! In addition, the site is available in French… badongo To upload your files, nothing could be simpler: badongo2 Specify the desired file, the name you give it, whether or not it can be read by minors, then send it. You will then have access to different codes that will allow you to make the document in question available on your blog.

Badongo Is a Hosting Site

You can opt for a direct link to the document (direct link), or for a download link. A small example here with an image: The site allows you to classify your documents in several directories for more clarity. You can also create photo albums, slides or obtain a widget to play your mp3s hosted on the site directly online. The must, however, is the widget that allows you to upload your files directly from your blog. Many colors are available. Here is an example It’s not always easy to dress up your tickets. You have to find the right photo, the right image or the right illustration… And think about copyright and reproduction rights! IconFinder lets you quickly find the images you need with just a few clicks.

Be Careful

This image search engine offers you some interesting features. A victim of its own success, the site had been unavailable since May. It has been working again since July. I invite you to discover how it works. Via among others Accessorize and Benoit’s blog. First of all, the home page of the site offers you a search engine with a simple and uncluttered style. Be Careful however, the site is English-speaking so you will have to formulate your requests in English to obtain results. The search is done through the tags assigned to each icon. For the moment, most of the existing tags relate to the world of new technologies.

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