Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday Webmarketing, Seo, Social Media, Growth Hacking Software

Do you need email, web marketing, SEO, project management, social media tools. And software and want to take advantage of the best Black Friday and. Therefore,  Cyber ​​Monday deals to save money for the whole of next year? Here is a selection of the best offers. Of the moment to be seized Netherlands Phone Number List tonight only! Summary: Software at Black Friday Prices: Therefore,  Is exceptionally 50% off with code BF2021! See the deal here SE RANKING: a complete SEO tool (a best cheaper alternative to SEMrush) with 20% off. The annual plan plus an additional 25% off with code See the deal here Jarvis: an AI article generation support tool at -50% if creating a free account today.

On annual plans with Black Friday! Therefore,  See the deal here a content optimization tool thanks to AI at -30% (on any plan). See the deal here Access Link: a “cheap” net linking platform See deal here SEMrush: the essential SEO tool for any consultant. If you only had to have one at -17% on annual plans! See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Social Media Software. Restream: -50% on this Live broadcasting software on more than 30 social platforms simultaneously. And from a single interface! See the deal here Filmora: on this very easy-to-use video editing software! See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Growth Hacking Software: Therefore,  Phantom buster: an essential tool for any growth hacker on Linkedin, Google, YouTube, …

Best Black Friday And Cyber ​​Monday Deals For Web Design And Ux Software

On annual and monthly plans See the deal here Dux-Soup: very powerful automation. Tool for automated prospecting on! See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Project Management Software. Type form: the best online questionnaire tool up to -35% on annual plans See the deal here. One of the best project management tools with 18% off for the first year. See the deal here Mind Meister: the best mind mapping software -30% for any purchase combined with Mind Meister Task. See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Emailing Software. Sender Net: a cheap emailing software that offers 30% discount on any. Plan by subscribing to their newsletter (you have to wait 10 seconds on their page without doing anything to see the offer in a popup).


See the deal here Omni Send: a great pro & complete alternative to Mailchimp. With 40% discount via the use of coupon OMNIBFCM40! See the deal here Best Black Friday and. Cyber ​​Monday Deals for SEA Software: Click Cease: SEA software that blocks fraudulent clicks and avoids overspending on. Google Ads because of competitors and bots. See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Web Design and UX Software: Moqups: wireframing software with up to 252 discounts. On the annual plan! See the deal here Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Web Hosting: Hostinger: web hosting adapted for small WordPress sites at -80% (2 euros/month) with. The code BF2021! See the deal here CloudWays.

Best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals for Anti Virus and IT Security Software

Very efficient hosting and CDN at -40% for 4 months with the code BFCM2021 See deal here EX2. Therefore,  No official Black Friday for this green host but the offers are. Already ultra-interesting (and not expensive compared to the quality of service) for quality and eco-responsible hosting! See the deal here Infomaniak: eco-responsible and affordable. A web hosting platform that offers -17% on registered domains! See the deal here Do not hesitate to share it with others. Therefore, Colleagues and digital professionals if this is the case, it will help us to know if this format should be resumed next year or not. However, if you’re feeling more creative, you also have the option of creating your own unique designs. Therefore,  HubSpot offers a free version that lets you send up to 2,000 emails per month with no limit on the number of contacts.

In addition, this version gives you access to much more than an emailing solution. When you create your account, you also get software for creating forms, landing pages. Live chat, advertising campaign management, and more. again. HubSpot also has automation and A/B testing features, among others, in its paid subscriptions, which start at €41/month. To learn more about HubSpot’s emailing solution. 5- ActiveTrail, a serious alternative to Mailchimp with an interface in French and more… active trail logo ActiveTrail Logo ActiveTrail is a professional. Therefore,  Email marketing software accessible to any web professional, whether you work for a small business with limited means or a larger company with more advanced needs.

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