Brandwatch Review: The Ultimate Social Listening Tool?

We tested Brandwatch, a social listening tool that helps. Companies make better strategic decisions based on information gathered from across the web. From forums to social media and blogs. Summary : Brandwatch: Introducing the Brighton-based social listening company. Founded in 2005 by Giles Palmer, Brandwatch is an English Colombia Phone Numbers List based in Brighton, UK. Specialized in social listening thanks to its social media analytics and social media monitoring tools. The company, which claims a client portfolio of more than 1,200 companies. Recently raised more than 30 million euros from the venture capital fund. Partech Ventures to further develop its products and strengthen. Its international position by developing its presence in new markets, including France. Brandwatch has two main products:

Brandwatch Analytics (which we present to you in this article) and Brandwatch Vizia. Among these current customers. Brandwatch has already attracted many large companies such as Ikea, Dell, Cisco, L’Oréal and Seat. Brandwatch Analytics: an all-in-one social listening solution. Therefore, The BrandWatch intelligence tool crawls over 80 million sources to unearth conversations. Mentions and information that companies might be looking for about their brand or products. BrandWatch is also a powerful competitive intelligence tool that allows any company to know what is being. Said on the web about the product or service of one or more competitors. The tool can also be used to carry out benchmarks and market studies.

Brandwatch Analytics: An All-In-One Social Listening Solution

The Brandwatch Analytics platform is accessible in SAAS mode (software as a service). So it does not require any internal server resources, the tool is hosted 100% on Brandwatch servers. From Tweets and Instagram posts to discussion forums. public Facebook posts and other blog articles, Brandwatch assists and supports companies in their social listening efforts. What can you concretely analyze with Brandwatch? customer relationshipBrandwatch Brandwatch Analytics can support you on many topics. From competitive intelligence to listening to your customers. Through better management of your after-sales service. Here are some of the possibilities offered by the tool: Social listening. To improve customer service by identifying negative comments more quickly Social listening to better manage its social networks.


And its community management strategy by analyzing content with the best engagement rate. Social listening to measure the results of its PR campaigns. Social listening to carry out market research on social media Social listening to monitor and better manage your e-reputation Social listening to. Identify and maintain relationships with influencers Social listening to better understand. Therefore, Track and manage bad buzz Social listening for benchmarking To discover concrete examples of the use of Brandwatch. The Twitter account Brandwatch React uses data from Brandwatch to analyze current topics in particular. To go further, this page presents all the key data on the tool.

What Can You Concretely Analyze With Brandwatch?

The creation and  of projects is as soon as you log in to the. Brandwatch administration interface as you can see in the screenshot below. Therefore, brand watch project choice You can create as many projects as you want. Once your project has been created, it is accessible from this drop-down menu that you will find each time you log in to the Brandwatch administration interface. What is a Dashboard in Brandwatch? brand watch dashboard A Dashboard in Brandwatch is a dashboard that allows you in a few minutes to have an overview of the elements tracked by the tool. the last mentions detected, the number of positive and negative mentions and many other data.

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