Bridge24: Optimize The Export And Reporting Features Of Your Project Management Tools!

Do you use one or more project management tools on a daily basis? But these have basic functionalities and do not allow you to generate or export detailed reports? Bridge24 is undoubtedly the software you need to increase your overall productivity at work! Summary: What is Bridge24? Mainly addressed to managers and project managers (but not only). But Bridge24 is Iran Phone Number List an extension allowing to improve the functionalities of generation and export. Of reports and graphs. Depending on your needs, it allows you to classify and organize all your information. And data thanks to its intuitive, clear, and fast interface. This solution is compatible with the main project management tools: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. What is Bridge24 used for? Yet another additional tool will you tell us?

Complementary yes! Bridge24 stands out for its ease and simplicity of use. Adapting to all company stakeholders. Whether you are a director, manager. Or employees, you can all use it differently depending on your position and find the information you are looking for. You can use it to have visibility on current projects while observing. The progress of your teams by displaying only the tasks that interest you. You can also use it as a simple and relevant means of presentation for all analyzes. Of your data to your superiors or your team. Bridge24 is also a great alternative for those who don’t use project management tools and are looking for a readable way to view project progress. In short, each actor in the company can centrally see the data they are looking for.

What Is Bridge24 Used For?

Of course, this software does not replace the project management tool(s) you currently. Use but extends its functionalities in order to simplify visualization and interaction with data. Overview of key charting and reporting features from Asana and. Trello With its wide variety of features offered and its compatibility with several project management tools. It will be impossible for us, in this article, to cover all the capabilities of this software. Therefore, we offer you an overview of the main advanced features that Bridge24 allows you to improve Asana and Trello tools (mostly used in project management). ASANA You probably already know it. Asana is a project management software allowing you to coordinate and manage the tasks and projects of your teams.


Compatible with Bridge24, here are some advanced features. To help you make the most optimal decisions: Advanced reports: do not wait any longer to. Create unique and detailed reports thanks to the functionality of personalized fields (description, comments, sub-tasks…) or the inclusion of sub-tasks with indentation (5 levels maximum). bridge24 asana Interactive Charts: Get creative with your charts! Several types of charts are available to you. Pie, donut, polar, horizontal, and vertical bars. You can even display two variables in the same graph to make comparisons. The goal is to see things clearly for you and your employees. bridge24 graphics. Data export: currently there is no option to export data from tools such as Asana, Bridge24 presents export alternatives. To suit your needs (export of tasks, subtasks, comments and custom fields) in CSV and Excel format.

In Conclusion, Bridge24 Is A Complement To Your Project Management Tools

Bridge24 paintings Filter: quickly access the information that interests you. The filter function! With Bridge24, you can create and save several filters but also segment your data to make. It easier to read and highlight only the information you deem relevant. bridge24 Visualization. See the tasks of all your projects at a glance! Whether in the grid, calendar, or Kanban board mode. Choose the one that seems most in line with your organization. bridge24 Instant Update: Dynamically add or change your information (status, assignments, comments, and attachments) in the Asana tool. bridge24 TRELLO You have certainly heard about it around you or you may already use it? Trello is a collaborative tool for managing joint projects or not through boards, where lists and cards are created based on the principle of kanban.

Here are examples of possible features with Bridge24 to enhance your Trello tool. Advanced reports: simply create your reports, whether predefined or personalized from your maps! Choose the fields you want to display and download your report in several available export formats including. PDF and Excel. bridge24 Interactive graphs. Easily create your graphs from your maps and organize them as you wish (tasks completed or not, progress status, assignment of tasks, etc.). The type of graph determines the transmission of information and for this. A multitude of interactive graphs are available to you: pie chart, donut, polar, with horizontal and vertical bars, stacking of maps.

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