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You mainly see photos of gardens with grass and plants that give way to tiles. The content comes from everywhere, like Facebook. Again, little is added to context. Because sometimes the screenshot shows who originally published it, you could say that sometimes the name is still mentioned here. But just mentioning the name is not enough for a quote. In addition, nothing funny is changed or added to make it a parody. In some cases, in addition to copyright as a problem, you could even say that there is a violation of a good name. Most photos are not commented on in a very friendly way.

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That sometimes goes beyond the limits of freedom of expression. Dutch example: HEMA HEMA has an account where they publish their own content as well as customer content. I noticed that with user generated content they at least mention the name of the maker. I couldn’t figure Uruguay Phone Number out how they got this content. In any case, their bio doesn’t say they are appropriating content when a certain hashtag is used. I decided to ask them. Hema has three hashtags that they keep an eye on when they are used in combination with HEMA. They may place that content on their own account.

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If it concerns children or babies, they will ask for additional permission. They find it ‘so nice to ask for permission’. They used to do this for all content, but they no longer do that: ‘it turned out not to be necessary.’ People are almost always happy when their post is taken over by HEMA and they are mentioned in it. And, says HEMA, ‘our community is well aware that we may include their post in our feed.’ If people turn out not to be happy with it, they delete the post again. Is that as it should be?.

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