Codecanyon Atoz Seo Tools Script Review

You can find hundreds of sites offering free SEO tools on the internet. Most of them use a PHP package called AtoZ SEO Tools which you can buy from Codecanyon. If you want to start your own SEO tools website, AtoZ SEO tools will be attractive. We have used these tools for various Antigua and Barbuda B2B List purposes over the past five years. Based on this experience, here is a real review of AtoZ SEO tools for you to understand what you will get with the purchase. AtoZ SEO Tools is a premium PHP package that offers over 50 search engine optimization tools. You can purchase the package from Codecanyon, which is part of the Envato marketplace. It offers a complete solution including user management and advertising modules.

Download and Install

Be sure to download all files with the purchase key. The zip archive will have the following document structure which includes documentation, download files and version update files. AtoZ SEO Tools File Structure AtoZ SEO Tools File Structure Follow the installation process below to install the package on your site: Create a MySQL database and note the details of host, database name, username and password. Connect to your server via FTP and upload the content to the “Upload” folder. Go to browser and open . This will open the setup wizard to submit the database details and purchase key. After successful validation, you can install the package on your site.

Seo Tools Included

Antigua and Barbuda B2B List
Antigua and Barbuda B2B List

As you can see, it’s not a simple purchase and use process like many other plugins. You need to create a database, use FTP and install the package by yourself. Although it is not difficult, it is not easy for a new user who has never dealt with hosting before. Main features of the package After successful installation, you can see the administrator control panel where you can configure your site. Download logo, favicon, maintenance mode and captcha settings. Enable ad blocker detection and ban IP addresses. Manage users with login, registration and ban. Ability to translate into any language. Integrate Google Analytics and generate an XML sitemap. Configure the mail server and insert advertisements. Two free themes with customization option. SMTP mail server support for receiving emails. AtoZ SEO tools use Bootstrap 3 and are fully responsive on all devices.


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