Cognizant Strengthens Its Development Teams

He digital transition is a subject that concerns all companies. Aware of the opportunities it represents, many managers nevertheless consider the approach complex. More than 54% of companies do not have a dedicated Colombia WhatsApp Number digital team according to a Socialy study. Hence the importance of being accompanied by third-party companies. The developers called upon to work for these projects must be able to be both flexible and close at the same time in order to be effective and integrate better into their strategy. Cognizant, a world-class consulting and technology services company, has strong arguments to make in this area in France.

Be Closer to the Customer

In Grenoble, the Cognizant Service Center brings together teams that use Agile methodology to develop projects from A to Z for their clients. “ The development teams are working on software overhaul, maintenance and application development projects ,” explains Guillaume. For each of these projects, our goal is to provide our customers with as much added value as possible both in the project processes (deployment and automated tests) and in the technologies and application architecture (micro-services). Proximity is a strong promise from Cognizant. It translates into a willingness to listen: customer satisfaction is also one of the organization’s key indicators.

Develop Your Skills

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This also translates into innovative ways of working, such as Design Thinking or the agile/DevOps approach. “ The biggest challenges are not technical, adds Sylvain. They are to offer the customer an organization that is in line with his expectations ”. Due to its proximity to customers, but also to the many exchanges that are set up between the two parties, the development team can easily interact and integrate user feedback in a concrete way. “ The challenge is to listen to the customer, ” says Catherine Rambaut, manager of the Cognizant service center in Grenoble . It is therefore important to be agile, to set up a rapid feedback process and to be proactive.

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