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Digital content distribution platform Migo announced Indonesia Mobile Number their collaboration. With Lionsgate Play , to distribute movie content from the streaming platform. Lionsgate Play itself was previously launched in Indonesia in early 2021 ago. Through its official statement, Saturday (23/7/2022), starting July 28, 2022, the. Migo Indonesia Mobile Number application will display hundreds of films from the video-on-demand platform made by Lionsgate. This collaboration will also allow 1.4 million Migo users to access hundreds of movies from Lionsgate Play.

In His Statement Migo Assessed

Meanwhile, Migo said it already has a network of Indonesia Mobile Number up to 1,400 locations in Indonesia. “We hope that Migo customers can more easily access world-class titles from Lionsgate Play,” said Dan Connor, CEO of Migo Indonesia. Connor said Indonesia Mobile Number that there are several popular titles that will be presented by Lionsgate Play through Migo such as Hunger Games, Astro Boy, Twilight, Step Up, Hellboy, Saw 2, and others. “We are optimistic that this can be an opportunity for Migo and Lionsgate Play to be a solution for Indonesians who are still having trouble accessing digital content,” said Connor. In his statement.

Indonesia Mobile Number

This is What Migo

Migo assessed that Indonesian people have a tendency to Indonesia Mobile Number access digital content more often through smartphones. However, not Indonesia Mobile Number a few have experienced network limitations and internet quotas. This is what Migo and Lionsgate Play see as a business opportunity, to be able to reach more layers of society in the country. * Fact or Hoax? To find out the truth of the information circulating, please WhatsApp to the Fact Check number 0811 9787 670 just by typing the desired keyword.

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