Colors That Go Well Together: 18 Tools To Combine Them Well

The visual plays an important role in the promotion of a product, a brand, a website, a book… Therefore, And presenting a perfect fusion between two or more colours. Can strike at first glance. Choosing colours that go well together is part of a good strategy to seduce your targets. Do Hong Kong Phone Number List want to grab the attention of your audience? Offer a perfect harmony of colours on your site or your graphic creations? Here are ideas for colour combinations and a list of 18 tools. Therefore,  That will allow you to create the perfect setting for your next design. Summary: Color wheel: how do you know if colours go well together? chromatic circle Do you know the colour wheel? This notion is the basis of a successful colour association.

“Achromatic circle is an ordered representation of colours. Used in painting, dyeing, industrial design, fashion, graphic arts. The colours follow one another in the order of those of the rainbow. The closure is affected by a transition from red to violet passing through crimson. The achromatic wheel generally presents the colours in a discontinuous form.  Present the mixtures varying either in saturation or in intensity. Wikipedia To make good colour associations. It is essential to understand how the colour wheel works. If the tools that we will present to you below generally do the job for you. It remains an interesting basic notion to know in terms of colour association. What colours go well together?

18 Tools To Combine Colors Well Together In Design

The colour wheel is made up of 3 primary colours (red, yellow, and blue), 3 secondary colours. As well as 6 tertiary colours (which we obtained by mixing the primary. And complementary colours: blue-green, red-violet, etc.). All these colours are then divided into two colour typologies. Warm colours (red, orange, yellow) and cold colours (blue, green, purple). Each type of colour can be associated with a message. While warm colours are generally used and associated with energy. Brightness and action, cool colours are generally associated with peace, calm, and confidence. The colours that go well together are generally the opposite colours in the chromatic circle (the complementary ones). The analogous colours (similar), or the triadic colours (we tell you more about them just later).


PS: if you have an eye and are comfortable with math, you will realize. That everything is only multiples of 3 in the colours. Therefore,  Hence the well-known rule of 3 colours max associated with fashion and interior design in particular. How do combine colours? To find the right colour combinations that go well together, there are 3 distinct but complementary approaches: Combine complementary colours: These colours are usually located opposite each other on the colour wheel. This technique is ideal for creating a strong contrast. Associate similar colours. These colours are located close to each other on the chromatic circle. They are generally only variants close to the main colour and often allow to generate interesting hover effects. Match triadic colours: Triadic colours are located equidistant from each other on the colour wheel.

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This type of association is usually quite bright and energizing because. It creates contrast while maintaining visual harmony and unity. What colours don’t go together? Contrary to the recommendations above, colours that do not go together are all colour combinations that do not follow any. Of the 3 approaches listed above (complementary, analogous, or triadic colours). For example, harmoniously associating 4 colours is complex, the risk of missing its associations is therefore much higher. If one does not choose the approach of analogous colours in this specific case. 18 tools to combine colours well together in design 1 – Color Hunt is one of the newer tools offering its users countless palettes to create colours that look great together.

You can see which palettes got a lot of likes and use them for your new design. Meets all the expectations of designers. With an attractive and very intuitive interface, the tool is also available. On mobile applications for Android and iOS. Coolors has a bank well endowed with an array of pretty palettes. 3 – Seeds seeds for colour palettes that go well together, are modern, and can be useful both in design. Interior decoration or even to dress harmoniously. This site should satisfy you! You will find harmonious colour palettes according to the seasons and many other criteria, a must-have in your favourites bar ;). 4 – Adobe Color CC colour palette generator gradient colour palette generator Skills. Offering you the services of a freelancer means above all benefiting from their expertise.

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