Community emotional exchange station! Not only do environmental protection, but also

The Environmental Protection Bureau of the New Taipei City Government has launched the “Golden Receipt Station” for the 7th year. The participation of a large number of volunteers not only contributed to the energy of resource recovery work, but also the income from resource recovery directly helped the construction of various li. The Golden Collection Stations are not only Senegal Phone Number environmentally friendly, but also embody the feelings of working together and the scenery that has been carefully watered every mile and every tree.Every spring  cherry trees bloom in Minzuli.Yonghe District.New Taipei City.and a cherry blossom viewing concert is held. You would never have guessed that before the cherry blossom viewing spot was actually a messy spot in the community.

Qiu Xiulan.Head of the ethnic group

Said that there us to be a market here and a Wayao ditch that  easily flood. Now the ethnic park was originally a messy spot where garbage easily dumped. This is something that everyone is not optimistic about. I didn’t expect it to change like this now. Qiu Lichang said.You have to change first before you can change the environment The “Golden Receipt Station” has become a communication station for community sentiment. Chief Lin Shuang in Zhongshan, Banqiao District, and Weng Zhiguan, in Meicheng, Xindian District, both said that people regularly go to the ”

Golden Collection Stationesource recyclin

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Communicate with their neighbors and the chief. Chatting with volunteers naturally cultivated the friendship between neighbors. Even if you sacrificed vacations to do resource recycling work, you would be happy. Minleli in Yonghe District has been implementing resource recycling for three years. Lieutenant Liu Shanzhen said that volunteers’ bets on public affairs in Linei will gradually infect others. Linei Green Landscaping has built three flower walls. Sprinkler, turn on the switch to automatically drip irrigation. Liu Lichang also used the funds for emergency relief in Li, the  of Yonghe District Office, and Rongguang Nursery Home. Ask the money to donate to the nursery. Liu Lichang said happily: “I hope to give back the resources to the local area, so that Yonghe will get better and better.”

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