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Content that most attracts and engages your persona becomes clear : this care with personalization, when planning the production and distribution of your content , can make a lot of difference in the results of your strategy! Content engagement you know that content that everyone likes, comments and tags other people? That’s what facebook focuses on . That’s why he keeps appearing to people for a longer time. And in addition to all the features of facebook already mentioned so far, there is one in particular that deserves even more attention: the existence of communities ! Just to give you an idea, 90% of online message exchanges related to banking products or services take place in communities. There are several on facebook, which brands can take advantage of to improve their image through insights, debates or.

Even to listen more closely to the interests of the public . Think with me: if a company has an active voice within a community , it manages Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers to attract the watchful eye of many consumers, whose pains can be resolved with the solutions provided by this company! So, whenever possible, you can still invest in paid media to further strengthen your reach and, consequently, your engagement — since people who follow your page will not always be able to see your content organically. Paid media and organic media: a guide to combining the two how to do inbound marketing on facebook? Just like any other channel, if you neglect to plan your facebook inbound marketing strategy , it will be like driving a car without having a.

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Clear view of the windshield. In other words: your company may not get where it wants to go and still have many difficulties along the way! So check out six tips on how to do inbound marketing on facebook : 1. Define your persona the persona is the representation of your ideal customer . In this way, it is the union of behaviors, demographic and personal characteristics, as well as goals, concerns and challenges faced by them on a daily basis. In an inbound marketing strategy , defining the persona clearly and precisely helps your company to: find your brand’s tone of voice ; define what are the best types of content to achieve your goals; determine content planning — to say exactly what your persona needs to hear . Buyer’s journey: complete guide to creating your buyer persona 2. Explore various content formats.

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Facebook has a few content formats: photos; carousels; videos; texts; lives; stories. And for each of them, there’s a different approach you can use to grab your persona’s attention : carousels many people have problems they are looking for solutions to, and with this type of content, you not only help them, but you can also increase their reach and engagement by presenting quick tips or short tutorials . Videos in the last week alone, do you know how many videos you watched? This content format is taking over the internet and I’m going to show you why now: people watch an average of 16 hours of video online per week , which is a 52% increase in the last two years. Videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by.

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The end of 2022 ; people are twice as likely to share video content compared to any other type of content. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching videos from a brand. Less than 5% of businesses use video ads on facebook (this is a huge opportunity for those looking to stand out!). To attract your persona’s attention with videos , take care of the first three seconds , because they are decisive to keep them watching until the end! Regardless of the content formats, also be sure to apply storytelling techniques , in addition to the following tips: 3. Use hashtags at first glance, many people ignore it, but hashtags increase the reach of content , allowing it to be seen by more people, the best keywords.

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