Correct Attribution of Text and Image

A Carrot member recently canceled. And when someone cancels their membership with us, they have the option to include details about why they’re canceling. He happened to include a few details – here’s what he said ( in this case, Carrot didn’t provide the images they chose to put on their website ): “The lawsuit for copyrighted images forced me to Lithuania WhatsApp Number dissolve my LLC and I don’t know what the next step is, so I am canceling my account. Please confirm that I will not be charged this month. My business account does not have enough funds to cover the auto draft.” Good night. One day you’re running a perfectly healthy real estate business…and the next someone is suing you for using their images on your website.

Current Copyright Laws

You should never copy someone else’s content verbatim without quotation marks, proper attribution (Who said it? When did he say it? Where did he say it? ) and a link – if possible – to where it said (to hyperlink, use Command+K on Mac or Control+K on Windows). You should never use another website. Screenshot or image on your website without proper attribution (at the very least a link to where you got the image – see our articles on the carrot for examples).

Use a Stock Photo

Lithuania WhatsApp Number
Lithuania WhatsApp Number

You should never use another person’s image or photograph if it is exclusively copyrighted and not authorized for use by anyone else. Follow these three rules and you will be largely safe. Emphasis on “most of the time”. The truth is that online copyright laws are painfully ill-defined. Here’s how Tiny Take’s Anna C puts it: courts have struggled to apply this doctrine consistently. A federal judge reportedly said “fair use is one of the most troubling areas of the law.” The doctrine was said to be so flexible that it virtually defied definition. Nonetheless, if you keep in mind that you should never use an image. Or quote content without proper attribution and should completely avoid exclusively copyrighted images, you should be clear.

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