Could Be Named Language of the Year 2021

Next month, the TIOBE Index plans to announce the programming language of 2021, which is the language that has seen the biggest rise in ratings over the Brazil WhatsApp Number past year. While the C# language still tops out in fifth position in the rankings, it has posted the sharpest increase in the top 10 with +2.21% since December 2020. It is therefore in a good position to become “language of the year”, which would be a first for C# in the index’s 20 years of existence and although the language has been in the top 10 for 2 decades.

Php Officially Out of the Top 10

As predicted by the TIOBE ranking for November, the PHP language left the top 10 and found itself in 12th position for this month of December 2021. At the same time last year, it came in 8th place in the ranking. It is now the Swift language which is in 10th position.

A Podium Still Dominated by Python

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On the side of the podium, no major change. Python retains its number 1 position with 12.90%, posting an increase of +0.69% compared to December 2020, when it was still in 3rd position in the ranking. The C language is displayed in 2nd position with 11.80%, and a decrease of -4.69% compared to last year. For its part, Java comes 3rd with 10.12%, posting a drop of -2.41%.

Here are the top 10 most popular programming languages:

Python (12.90%)
C (11.80%)
Java (10.12%)
C++ (7.73%)
C# (6.40%)
Visual Basic (5.40%)
JavaScript (2.30%)
Assembly language (2.25%)
SQL (1.79%)
Swift (1.76%)

The evolution of the popularity trends of the most searched languages ​​by year.  TIOBE
What are the TIOBE ranking criteria?
The TIOBE ranking is an index of popularity of programming languages. It is updated monthly and is based on queries from the 100 most searched programming languages ​​on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Amazon, YouTube and Wikipedia. It establishes a ranking of languages ​​by assigning a score according to their use by developers. The objective of the TIOBE index is not to designate the best programming language, but to identify those which are currently the most used.

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