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Necessary for you to take your company to the next level. Consult and quote with us. Creating since 1999 the motion began to take shape under the slogan ” anti fake news 2018 ” promoted in the government of najib razak . Prime minister of malaysia . Where the manifesto contemplates a scale of fines ranging from us$123.000 and penalties ranging from 6 years of prison . For those people who publish on the internet . Disclose or make news that lacks truthfulness and that afflicts the country or its citizens. According to the minister of laws. Azalina othman said . It stipulates that: ¨the law aims to protect the public from the proliferation of false news.

In this way. The government seeks Usa phone number to put an end to the publications of local and foreign media. Which includes blogs and content posted on social networks . On the other hand. The measure has brought a number of critics and activists who believe that the ruling will become a new instrument of censorship by the malaysian government . Outside the borders of malaysia this new constitutional ordinance by the malaysian government has inspired other nations like singapore to review their legislation to deal with the growing publication of fake news. And the philippine government has also received similar motions from its parliamentarians. In the case of the united states .

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Its president donald trump leads the efforts to legislate against the media that publish false news according to him. He has even blamed renowned media such as cnn and the new york times . It should be noted that these measures correspond to the fact that the trump government and his management in particular. Have been confronting the traditional media for the constant questioning of his government and the scandals originating from his mandate. The ceo of the company has come forward about one of the most notorious cases in terms of computer security during 2018. Where his company ( facebook ) has been the protagonist of the leak of information about millions of social profiles that use said social network.

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In this way. Mark zuckerberg put forward the following: ¨ we will investigate all the applications that accessed large portions of data of the affected people ¨. All this prior to the year 2014. During that year. The company established a protocol of action with limitations to all developers and thus avoid this type of abuse of information traffic. The trust gap between facebook and its subscribers is directly affected by its credibility during the 2016 united states presidential election (where donald trump is elected president ). And the british consulting company linked to the case is cambridge analytica .

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The firm would have used all the information from the accounts collected with an application that mediates personality tests. With direct utility in political persuasion campaigns through ads and digital marketing . The official writing of mark z. Establishes that the english company had accessed during 2015 the data that the application had extracted and that at the same time. Facebook had closed the application. The computer scandal broke out when the newspapers the guardian . The new york times and channel 4 reported that the company specializing in the collection of information. Cambridge analytica . Had not erased the data previously indicated by facebook . When this information was verified. All the services maintained with the british analytics company were terminated.

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