Cyberbullying and the Legend of Frank

How attentive are we to the things you say? Not just to the people in front of you, but also online? Today we have a very significant departure from our Iceland WhatsApp Number usual topics, and instead we wanted to focus on a topic that is becoming increasingly prevalent… cyberbullying. Joaquin Ortiz, of Carrot, shares the story of close family member and legendary marathon runner, Dr. Frank Meza, who was recently cyberbullied. Of course, Listen to learn how we can all play our own part by being more aware. Read the full show notes below… Be sure to subscribe to receive the CarrotCast every week!

Cyberbullying Legend

At our last CarrotCamp, my dear friend and teammate here at Carrot, Joaquin Ortiz, told me how he and his family have been personally affected by cyberbullying. Joaquin is a great example of one of our core values: to be a beacon of positivity and possibility. He reminds all of us here at Carrot to go within and shine a light on the positives around us. As well as, I was thrilled to be able to sit with him here on the CarrotCast and can’t wait to have him again! Later in the podcast, I’ll share a BIG call to action that will have a profound effect on you and those around you! Create your legacy Joaquin often finds ways to bring the team back to center.

Loss of Humanity

Iceland WhatsApp Number
Iceland WhatsApp Number

Whether he’s leading morning exercises or sharing an inspirational new playlist with us, he’s been truly amazing helping us connect. Joaquin loves to run, as does his uncle, Dr. Frank Meza, who was a big inspiration to him. moreover, He taught him to aspire to be a bigger version of himself. A few months ago, Joaquin’s family was struck by tragedy. Dr. Frank Meza was an incredible man. His list of accomplishments included becoming a successful doctor, runner, and mentor. He lost his father at a young age and came to America as an immigrant. The cards were stacked against him until he met a group of Latino doctors who made it clear to him that he too could be successful.

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