Data Scientist who he is, what he does.

The Data Scientist is the true interpreter of the data Brazil Phone Number economy and data-driven business. Indeed, that of the Data Scientist is one of the most. In roles in the digital economy, including by the World Economic Forum among the 21 professions for which the demand. Of companies will continue to increase at least until 2022. Harvard Business Review has also defined this profession as “the most attractive of the 21st century.

The skills of a Data Scientist

The task of the Data Scientist is to know Brazil’s Phone Numbers how to manage Big Data (data in large quantities, structured and unstructured). To obtain useful information for the activity and success of the organization for which he works. The skills range from in-depth knowledge. Of data mining and software for data analysis, statistical methods and predictive models, visualization tools; he must also be equipped with ” soft skills ” such as curiosity, clear communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

The term “data science” was first used in 1974 by the Danish computer Brazil Phone Number scientist. Peter Naur in his book Concise Survey of Computer Methods. Intended as a discipline that concerned the management. had coined a few years earlier to find an alternative to the generic term “ computer science”. The recognition of data science as a separate discipline from computer science and statistics came in 2006 with the definition of the 6 fields of expertise of an American computer scientist and professor of statistics and computer science at Purdue University.

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