Deloitte Ambitious CPOs Need More Talent

Continue to grow by reducing costs and leveraging digital innovation Azerbaijan Phone Number. This is the imperative of the global Chief Procurement Officers as emerged from the sixth annual report. Of Deloitte’s “Global CPO Survey 2017″, which involved a sample of Procurement. Managers of companies in the EMEA area (280), North America (109), Asia-Pacific (67). South America (22). Organizations are aiming for ever more ambitious goals. But the pace of change is fast and the economic and financial context remains uncertain; the defensive strategies implemented by the Chief Financial Officers require rapid, continuous cost-cutting and in parallel with renewed attention to the risk associated with procurement. ” We are now certain that the traditional operating model of Procurement must change “, the study reads.

Need more talent and innovation.

The increasingly widespread digital innovation is the Azerbaijan Phone Number first push to change while the number one goal, like last year, is cost reduction, a business priority for 79% of CPOs. Risk management rises to second place (57%), followed by the introduction. Of new products/services or expansion into new markets (52%) and the increase in cash flow (48%). 75% of CPOs say they. Have the support of top management in their strategies, however, 60% also think. That their team does not have the necessary skills to execute the purchasing strategy correctly. After all, 25% of CPOs spend less than 1% of their budget on training. The shortage of the necessary talent is one of the key themes of this year’s report as it represents a significant obstacle to the implementation of the new operating model of Procurement.

Procurement now more than ever needs managerial and Azerbaijan Phone Number digital skills because technology, especially in areas such as automation, Big Data, and Analytics, has made huge strides and the skills of the past cannot meet the needs of the future., warns Deloitte. Organizations must do more to attract and/or train the new generation of Procurement leaders capable of acting as innovators, of taking on challenges, indeed of first pushing the organization towards new horizons, with a mentality shaped on digital innovation.

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