Digital professions, identikit of new roles and what advantages they bring to companies.

Glassdoor’s latest ranking of the best jobs in the United States gave the signal. Digital professions dominate the world of work. According to Denmark Phone Number to the annual “ 50 Best Jobs in America 2020 ” report. Twenty out of fifty of the top professions in 2020 are in the technology sector. The digitization of businesses and work is here to stay and the Coronavirus emergency is underlining it dramatically. Staying in the analog era cuts us off from the productive world and from sociality. Here are the most requested (and best paid) digital professions, their advantages for businesses. The impact on the world of work.

The most sought after and paid digital professions in the US


According to the 2019 research conducted by the HR Innovation Denmark Phone Number Practice Observatory of Politecnico di Milano. 96% of Italian companies have already taken steps to introduce or develop new digital skills in organizational contexts. Data Management and Analysis, Agile Transformation, and HR Innovation. In the first area, 38% of companies aspire to introduce the figure of the Data Scientist, the professional who manages Big Data in large quantities, structured and unstructured.

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