Digital Professions In The Automotive Sector

Tork is a company that operates in Europe in the digital Indonesia Phone Number automotive sector. Has traced the profiles of the digital professions that will take root in the automotive. Sector to respond to the new needs of consumers born from digital. The strong sectorial that distinguishes this industry requires specialized figures who, although digital. Have specific skills according to a recent MotorK survey. 75% of Italian dealers intend to increase the number of people employed. In the web and digital area, testifying how the digital automotive sector is an interesting outlet for job seekers.

Data Scientist he does and how much he earns

Customer Advisor. A trend that is taking hold when Indonesia Phone Number buying a car is to turn to a super partes consultant, who supports the choice process in a neutral but competent way. For example, in Italy, the DriveK portal has created the figure of the Advisor, who supports the user during all the phases that lead to the purchase of the new car, starting from the choice of the model, up to the financial aspects of the contract and then to the after-sales assistance. To find the perfect car that combines practical needs with aesthetic taste and budget, the Customer Advisor and the user can interact via telephone, email, and chat.

Car Influencer. This is the new generation of test drivers. In addition to having a strong Indonesia Phone Number passion for engines and cars. Also have social skills, in particular on YouTube, Instagram. FacebookWatch. He is able to build storytelling of cars, visual and otherwise. Telling the latest trends in the world of motors, and clarifying common doubts with reviews and buying guides. It is a profession already consolidated in the Anglo-Saxon world already has its reference points, emerging in Italy. Business Development Center manager. The BDC is responsible for the team in the dealership is responsible for communicating with the customer during the purchase process: it carries out a structured follow-up activity before the sale of the car, during the negotiation, but also after concluding the sale, to build customer loyalty. Small Data Analyst.

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