Digital Skills, Coding And Robotics At FAES In Milan

Already as children in digital school. He succeeds in Milan at Russia Phone Number the FAES joint institute, where for some years. Digital skills, such as creative coding and robotics, have been curricular. Subject since the second class of Primary. A far-sighted choice, considering the lack of skills. A recent study carried out by University2Business. A company of the Digital360 Group, confirms this: just 5% of graduates. who leave Italian universities have digital and entrepreneurial skills. Adequate to expectations and 3 out of 4 human resources managers. Admit that they cannot find resources adequately trained on new technologies. A gap that the school system should fill as soon as possible.

Are studied from primary to high school

According to Sam Guinea, FAES collaborator in charge of the Russia Phone Number project, the goal is “To already enhance computational thinking in children by referring to computer language. This is important regardless of the career you choose one day. Because it has to do with problem-solving in general. By us or by others. in order to adapt and reuse the solution. Not to give up if the proposed solution does not work at first. A second, no less important objective is to make children aware of the growing pervasiveness of information technology in society so that they can read and understand the world around them.

There are two digital enhancement courses planned. One concerns the Raspberry Pi, real personal Russian Phone Number computers slightly larger than a credit card that is increasingly used in the realization of the Internet of Things projects: students will have to learn some simple elements of electrical circuits. In order to include them in their projects some sensors (for example brightness, temperature, proximity).

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