Digital Transformation Is Skills Alarm.

Organizations now recognize the importance of Digital Switzerland Phone Number Transformation. The Skills for Digital Transformation study was conducted by the Technical University. Of Munich and SAP, demonstrate how the skills gap risks becoming. The real bottleneck in the digitalization of businesses. Per guidare l’organizzazione verso la trasformazione e appena il 34% dice che  manager. Business hanno le necessarie conoscenze IT.

Why digital transformation is important

Based on data collected involving 116 decision-makers from the Switzerland Phone Number business and IT world in 18 countries, the study finds a good degree of awareness of the importance of digital transformation in terms of protecting business models (45% of the sample say), creating new (47%) and knowledge of the customer (56%). The Digital Transformation strategy now has the same weight as the entire corporate strategy, as 90% of the interviewees declared.

Un ostacolo rilevante è considerato la mancanza di conoscenze cross-funzionali a livello del management: solo il 41% del campione dichiara che i propri manager IT possiedono le conoscenze

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