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Integrate in its own way (most common is that you will be redirected to a page where you will enter your login and password data). After the integration. It’s time to create your slicers. In this example. Using mailchimp. You will click on “new segmentation”. Listboss email provider integration confirmation screen you will then go to the screen to create the new email segmentation. At this point. You will define the parameters of the new segmentation you want to create. Start with the name (give preference for titles that summarize. In the shortest possible way. The action that will be performed by the segmentation).

Notice that there are three fields with actions that must be synchronized according to your needs: “when your lead”. “perform the following action” and “choose a list”. The actions of each of these fields must be connected. That is. For each behavior of your lead. An automated action will be performed in relation to a certain list already created in your email provider. Listboss segmentation creation screen shall we go to an example? In the case below. We can see. In a simple way. How the automatic contact management (listboss) segmentations can work.

When The Lead Performs

The “purchase” action and its status is “complete”. Add Honduras cell phone numbers the lead to the list” called “conversion list” – here. Just choose the list you want to redirect the lead to. Listboss segmentation example now just save. See how easy it is? There are several other possible segmentations to be performed with automatic contact management (listboss). Just browse through the options and see how automated your actions can be within your relationship funnel. And a reminder: there is yet another way to access the automatic contact management (listboss) on the hotmart platform.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Just go to the “tools” menu and click on “automatic contact management (listboss)”. Next. You must choose the product you want to integrate. Tell us what you think we created this functionality to give you the best lead segmentation experience integrated with your email marketing service. We want to know what your experience is too. If you have any questions. Access our faq or contact our support by clicking here . Increase your sales with automatic bonus delivery offering freebies to your buyers is a common practice among our top players.

Know The Details

In other words, Of this practice here 04/29/2015 by hotmart reading time 2 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp in the image. A hotmart affiliate happy with the automatic bonus delivery offering freebies to your buyers is a common practice among our top players . By distributing them. You add value to the product and. In large launches. Increase the chances of the buyer opting for your disclosure link (hotlink). The gifts can have different formats. From e-books. Infographics. Interviews. Among others. Content produced by you. Which match the advertised products. Are examples of bonuses that will make buyers delight.

However Identifying if a certain person was your buyer and still having to send the bonus to them requires extra work from the affiliate . It was with this in mind that hotmart launched this feature to make the affiliate’s life easier. Through automatic bonus delivery: with this new tool. Therefore, It is possible to offer files or websites together with the product being advertised and hotmart will automatically send this content to its buyer. That is. You don’t have to worry about manually delivering the bonus to your buyer. Isn’t it fantastic? See how bonus delivery works before entering your bonus.

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