Ecology: Pornhub Forced By Its Visitors To Plant More

Who said that ecology was reserved for environmental protection organizations? Adult sites are also getting into it, PornHub is the first to do so with its latest marketing action! A site for adults that plants more than 15,000 trees in 6 months, unheard of! This slightly (very) quirky Hungary Phone Number List action mixing two totally opposite worlds is so original that we take. The liberty of presenting it to you today in our Marketing section. The PornHub site recently hired a new art director to promote its adult-only activities. The new recruit, who was hired following a creativity competition, has been very productive in a few months. One of his latest ideas? Plant trees each time a very specific category of the site will record 100 views on its videos.

As you will have understood, visitors will be involved! You are probably wondering which category of the site is concerned? We’ll let you discover it for yourself on the PornHub site but we warn you, you might be a little disappointed… This marketing action saw the light of day last April on the occasion of National Tree Day, which is held every last Friday of April, each year, in the  States. With its slogan, “Give America Wood”, give wood to the States, PornHub may not have expected to record such a success since they have been forced to plant more than 15,000 trees, which represents still more than 1.5 million views on the videos in this category, which shows in passing that this industry is doing very well

A Site For Adults That Plants More Than

Are you over 18 and want to take part in this “ecological” adventure for adults? To help plant trees in the United States for free, you only have one thing left to do. Details and how to participate here: local referencing, etc.) French society Management of transactional SMS via Zapier or via API Email to SMS API usable with Hubspot Disadvantages: SMS opt-in collection forms not available No modules for simplified connection with the main. CMS on the market Prices not communicated publicly 9- Active Trail SMS active trail sms ActiveTrail is an all-in-one professional. SMS and email marketing platform that allows you to manage both email and SMS campaigns. With an interface entirely in French

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Are You Over 18 And Want To Take Part In This “Ecological” Adventure For Adults

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