Email marketing as an engine for your turnover

New on Facebook & Instagram: start your own webshop for free Logistics I will return to this point in detail later in this article, but briefly it comes down to the following central question. Am I going to do the logistics myself or am I going to outsource it? The answer to this question determines how you set up your organization. Website If you already have a physical store, you probably already have a logistics system in place. But even then you have to think about which system you want to use for your online store.


For example, you can take out a subscription with a software provider or you can use open source software and manage everything yourself. Payment methods This point is of course related to choosing a website system, but at the same time it is a world unto itself. There are many Greece Phone Number payment options depending on where you plan to sell your products. In the Netherlands, for example, iDEAL is the most important payment method for online purchases. But every country around us works with a different system.


You should keep this in mind if you plan to do business internationally. Marketing plan The marketing plan is an extremely important part of your business plan. Don’t go like a headless chicken trying everything. Which channels do you want to use, where do you want to start and why? Also do a SWOT analysis . What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your online store? Procedures and customer service Before you get started with your online store, don’t forget to think about a number of important procedures.

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