Enable 2-step Verification in Siteground

All of your website content, such as databases and images, is stored on the hosting server. Many people also use the same hosting company to purchase domains, emails, and other services. Therefore, in addition USA WhatsApp Number List to protecting your website administrator login, it is essential to protect your hosting account with the utmost care. SiteGround is one of the most popular and highly recommended hosting companies by the official WordPress community. Together with the Google Cloud Platform, they provide industry-leading security protection for your websites. In this article, we explain how to enable 2-step verification to log in to your SiteGround hosting account. Learn WordPress: Discover over 400 free WordPress tutorials. What is the two-step verification process? Most hosting companies provide a username and password to log into your account. You can reset using the email or mobile number used for the registration process.

Verification Work

Unlike many other two-factor authentication systems, SiteGround does not use your mobile number to send the verification code. You must follow the process below: Log in to your SiteGround account and generate a secret key. Add your SiteGround secret key in any popular authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. After logging into your account with the username/password, you need to enter the auto-generated passcode from your Authenticator app. Verify your phone number as a backup to turn off 2-Step Verification anytime later. This basically means that you need to have an additional authenticator app to generate the verification code and log into your account.

Add Siteground in the Authenticator

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With this protection, you can ensure that no one else can hack into your account and steal the hosting content. How to Setup 2-Step Verification in SiteGround Hosting? Follow the process below to set up two-factor authentication. Log in to your SiteGround hosting account using your usual username and password. Coupled with, If you are on a Site Tools account, the “Home” tab will show you some suggestions and tips. Here you will find the link to “Enable two-step verification”. SiteGround suggestion for two-factor verification SiteGround suggestion for two-factor verification If you can’t find any suggestions, click on your profile icon in the right corner and select the “Login and profile” option.

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