ENI, EY, Amplifon and Falck Renewables.

Developing digital skills is today, a fundamental requirement for any Germany Phone Number professional. Digital transforms the daily life of the entire organization. From back-office employees to technicians “in the field”, without counting middle managers and managers. The fundamentals of computer science are changing and this requires a change of pace – explains Gloria Gazzano. President of AICA Lombardia -. Digital skills permeate all professions and their evolution is now a key requirement for the digital transformation of the company. And just to take stock of the evolution of digital skills in Italy. AICA Lombardia has called together the members of its community dedicated to the protagonists. Of the Digital Transformation: the D-Avengers.

Recruiting, retention, and reskilling of digital talents

Support for diversity and continuous learning are the levers Falck Renewables focuses.

Digital also has a considerable impact on the Human Germany Phone Number Resources division. Retention, and reskilling strategies for talents. The analysis of the climate, the tracking of activities, and the provision of training courses in line with the expectations of the staff generates engagement and prevents discontent and escapes. “The war between candidates – said Letizia Chlapoutakis, Amplifon’s Digital Workplace Manager.

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