Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors

Facebook and real estate marketing are a match made in social media heaven. But, you might be asking “How can I get more real estate leads?” For Carrot members, Facebook is the third largest source of new leads, surpassing Google Ad Words as well as organic search from Bing and Yahoo: In total, Facebook generated 53,203 new leads in 2019. And those Ghana WhatsApp Number are leads. No traffic, no visitors, no followers, no fans… real leads. Imagine the difference a few hundred new leads could have made to your business over the past year. Imagine what they could do for you in 2020. Simply put…this type of lead-generating faucet is absolutely trans formative. So how do we do it? I’m glad you asked. Facebook ads for real estate: the “why” You might be wondering what makes real estate advertising on Facebook so phenomenal.

Facebook’s ‘organic Reach

To determine which posts you see — and more importantly, which posts your audience doesn’t see — Facebook’s algorithm uses what’s called cognitive computing; in simple terms, machine learning. These algorithms learn by testing and determining how people respond to those tests because Facebook aims to provide relevant and rich experiences to the people who use it. Unfortunately, that’s not the whole story. When it comes to businesses and brands — as opposed to personal profiles — the average reach of organic pages is dropping as Facebook’s stock prices continue to climb. Facebook Organic Reach Chart This inverse relationship is no accident.

Real Estate

Ghana WhatsApp Number
Ghana WhatsApp Number

As Convince and Convert recently explained, Facebook “banks on social selling dominance and basically doesn’t care how your business’s unpaid organic efforts suffer.” In other words, the free lunch (Facebook) is over and if you want your posts to reach your audience… you have to pay to play. Your goal should always be to get people to interact with the content you post. But make no mistake, the game is against you. As a real estate investor posting on Facebook, your fans only see a very limited number of your posts. And this is where understanding Facebook ads becomes so vital. Facebook also allows fine segmentation of ads based on just about any demographic group you can imagine; this is especially powerful for targeting and targeting specific real estate audiences. Additionally, Facebook Ads remain the most cost-effective choice among traditional and digital media.

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