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When investing. Considering variables such as the cost of viewable impressions (vcpm) and the number of exposures in conjunction with the viewability rate presents an important potential to define smarter ad purchases and obtain better dividends. Why should your business be on google maps? If you have a local business and still don’t appear on google maps. Here are the benefits you’re missing out on: greater presence in searches: your company can appear in the results for its listing on google maps and for its website. Contact information at their fingertips: users will quickly see how to get to your location or how to call you. Additional information: such as customer reviews and photos.

How to add photos of your business Belgium phone number to google maps all the information related to your listing on google maps or your google+ page is now controlled from google my business. Which concentrates all the services for companies. 1. Sign in to your google my business dashboard. If you can’t find it. Enter google+ and then click on pages. Click on ‘manage pages’. 2. Once inside your profile. Click on ‘manage photos’. 3. Add the images you want to your ‘business photos’. They must be at least 250 pixels high by 250 pixels wide. And accurately represent your business. They must not have been heavily manipulated with photoshop or filters. When uploading the photos.

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Your logo. And your cover photo. Google recommends that you do not use your logo as your profile photo. Interior photos: google recommends uploading at least 3 photos that give a faithful idea of what your company is like. Photos of the exterior. So that your customers can quickly find your premises. Try to upload at least 3 photos. If possible with different lighting or from different directions. Photos at work. Team photos. Additional photos. Where you can put images that do not correspond to any of the previous groups. In addition. Depending on your business. It is possible to add other types of photos: food and drink. Common rooms. Products. Rooms… 4. Once you have uploaded all the photos.

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They will appear on your business listing on google maps and also in searches. Great! If you need advice on your social networks or website. We will gladly help you. Contact us at users of the social network will now be able to personalize their messages by giving them color. But they will also have the option of adding emojis to all their texts to make them more striking. The way to do it will be simple. The first thing will be to enter the “states” section. There will appear in the lower right part the icon of a pencil. Which when clicked will allow access to the customization of whatsapp states. Once the message has been created. It is sent and ready. It will arrive personalized to the recipient. But there is one more novelty.

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The voice notes. This is one of the features most appreciated by whatsapp users. They are faster to send than video or even text. It also allows users to perceive the state of mind according to their tone of voice. Which makes communication less cold. According to wabetainfo. The new voice notes can be sent from a recorder that the application will incorporate. This will prevent the user from holding down the microphone button. You will have a maximum of 15 minutes of audio to send to your contacts. And you can record it while browsing in other applications. These functions are in the beta phase of whatsapp. At the moment it is a test and they are only available for some users. Time will tell if they become a reality or not. Source creating since 1999 know us work team briefcase blog while campaigns with a strong focus on emotional relevance and creative engagement drive tangible incremental business.

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