Facilitate Technical Incident Management

The editor presents Jira Ops as “a single place to react, solve and learn from each incident” . Atlassian wishes here to respond to a problem specific to operators, who use many tools as part of their work. Tools dedicated Ecuador WhatsApp Number to alerts, Slack to discuss with the people concerned, services to alert the public, CRM tools to manage emails and calls received during incidents… The objective of Jira Ops is to centralize all of these channels to facilitate incident management. jira-ops Features of Jira Ops On the Jira Ops interface, you see.

Advertising Tracking

The Mozilla firm has announced new updates for its Firefox browser. Intended to strengthen the security and confidentiality of its users. By the year 2019, Firefox will offer a default blocking of advertising tracking Ecuador WhatsApp Number for websites. In addition to respecting the privacy of Internet users. Firefox also invokes Ecuador WhatsApp Number page display speed as an argument. Trackers who slow down loading will be penalized. Currently in the test phase on Fiefox Nightly, the functionality could be integrated from version 63 of Firefox if it proves effective. The firm also announces that it “ will delete cookies and block access to storage of third-party tracking content. and that it will take effect from version 65.

Firefox Takes

Ecuador WhatsApp Number
Ecuador WhatsApp Number

The browser will also block “ rogue practices that seek to discreetly collect Ecuador WhatsApp Number identifiable data or degrade. The user experience are increasingly common. Firefox takes as an example ” some trackers track users through the digital fingerprint of their device. That is to say, they secretly Ecuador WhatsApp Number identify users by identifying the unique characteristics of their device and on which users do not have no control. Other sites have deployed mining scripts that stealthily calculate cryptocurrency by hijacking the power of the user’s device .

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