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Facebook Messenger. And with 60% of people saying they would pay more for convenience. it’s a no brainer why brands should think about using Messenger for selling purposes. 4. Building trust in your brand Facebook Messenger offers brands an opportunity to engage in personal conversations with customers. which helps build trust. A Facebook study showed that 69% of customers in the US felt more confident about a brand they were able to message. Additionally. 55% of customers said they felt more personally connected to such brands.

Creating a ‘safe space’ for sensitive conversations We mentioned above how Messenger allows brands to offer a private platform to customers to voice their feelings. This can also be a great way for brands to resolve particularly complex issues in private. For example. your business might have made a mistake and you want to resolve the issue quickly without driving away other customers. By asking disgruntled customers to contact you privately via Messenger. you’re able to provide one-on-one customer service and keep a potentially risky situation under control. How to use

Facebook Messenger

For business Now that you know the benefits of using. Facebook Messenger. let’s talk about how you can implement it for your own business. Below are a few ways Georgia Phone Numbers to get started with Facebook Messenger on the right foot. 1. Set up Messenger on your business page. When you create a business page on Facebook. it’s likely that. Messenger will already be enabled on your page. However. if you still want to check and confirm. you can go over to your page settings. click on General. and see if “People can contact my page privately” is enabled next to.

Georgia Phone Numbers

To connect with customers faster and more efficiently. Below are some automated responses you can set up on Messenger for your own business. Instant reply You can set up instant replies to send an automated message right after a user messages your business page. Use instant replies to thank people for getting in touch. or for communicating when they could expect a reply or solution from you. Away message

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Messages. If it’s not enabled already. click on Edit in the same row. and turn on the feature. You will now be able to receive private messages from Facebook users. As for sending private messages as a business. you can only message users who have contacted your page first. 2. Add a Send Message button to your profile You can encourage users to get in touch with you on Facebook by adding a blue button on your page. Simply go to your page. click on Add a Button and select Send Message from the list.


The CTA so it appeals more to your audience. For example. Hyatt’s Send Message button says “Get Started” to inspire action. 3. Allow messages from event guests. If your business hosts and/or promotes events on Facebook. you can enable guests to make reservations. ask questions or get in touch. With you for any other purpose by messaging you about it. When you’re creating your event. go to Event Settings and enable the messaging checkbox. 4. Enable automated responses

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