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An analyst at sanford c. Bernstein. “the real use case is to get people in the habit of doing financial transactions on the platform. And then start rolling out other e-commerce related activities.” once users are comfortable sending money through an app. They can add marketplace features and more interactions. That’s “where the real monetization opportunity is.” he added. Marcus can see a future where facebook turns payments and digital wallets into a new business. Even if he’s not exactly sure what that will look like. “over time. If we build more services beyond libra. We will probably index other revenue streams.” he said. “that is a future conversation.

An analysis of 23 campaigns Germany phone number in latin america carried out by the consultant kantar millward brown revealed the strategic role of this format when it comes to optimizing advertising investment and maximizing results. The study provides key insights about the performance of youtube compared to tv when it comes to favoring brand metrics and achieving effective reach. Proposing a new look at media planning with a focus on the efficiency/impact relationship. In a context characterized by the hyper-segmentation of content and an empowered consumer who today has -literally- control in their hands. Online video emerges as a key means of connecting with the audience when they are looking for content.

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In order to reflect on the implications of this new scenario in the media mix. Kantar millward brown and google took on the task of analyzing 23 marketing campaigns from various industries in argentina. Brazil. Chile and mexico. The objective: to evaluate the role of each medium with a view to an effective advertising strategy. Research confirms that youtube requires 1/3 of the exposures that tv needs to impact brand metrics. Making it 3x more efficient at building brand and more efficient at generating reach.1 due to the above. The study concludes that it is strategic to begin the design of the media plan by assigning the optimal budget to online video to maximize its impact.

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Selecting the most effective platforms. This approach ensures clients allocate their budget to the most productive point of contact first. And then distribute the remaining resources among the other media that will be part of the mix. According to their efficiency and impact. Efficient exposure: more vs. Best as the saying goes. “more” is not always synonymous with “better”. A reflection that finds an excellent example. Precisely. In the world of marketing. Before a consumer who today demands and decides what he wants to see. Overexposure to advertising messages is not only inefficient. But often counterproductive. Saturating the viewer and generating exactly the opposite effect to what they seek to obtain.

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Thus. Finding the balance between the number of exposures and the ability to position the message without being tedious is key. 3photo and it is precisely in this aspect that online video proves to be especially effective. When it comes to the frequency needed to make an impact on brand metrics. Youtube exhibits noticeably more efficient behavior than tv. According to the results of kantar millward brown’s analysis. Youtube needs ⅓ of the exposures that tv requires to achieve the same impact on brand metrics2. Thus managing to transmit the message without saturating the audience. This. Added to the fact that online video allows you to predetermine the number of exposures to which users are exposed.

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