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For the latin american and caribbean region. “just as we sometimes use social networks without meaning or for purposes that go against life (he mentions exploitation and child pornography. For example). We should use them for ideas that can fix this planet.” “social networks have enormous power. Both for those who are in favor and those who are against different causes. What happened with the plebiscite for peace in colombia or in the presidential elections in my country. Ecuador. Is proof of this. Why don’t those of us who are committed to life take advantage of them to change the world?” oviedo highlighted during the presentation of the social network in bogota. The motto of sokhrates.

Transform’. “if you share Japan phone number content. You earn coins and thus transform the world or help to do so. It’s simple. ”explains esteban to this medium. “what we want is to give people a voice and resources through social media.” a total of 12 million people used the internet in chile in recent times according to a projection made by the fundación país digital study center. A figure that is equivalent to 70.9% of the population. And although this percentage exceeds the 57.8% of users that there were at the beginning of 2013. It also represents a deficit measured in 16 months of delay with respect to the expected index as of december 2016. Considering that the goal is 95%.

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Of chileans using the internet by 2020 (compared to the leveling of oecd values and the proposals of the digital agenda 2020). Check the complete document with the digital country index study 2017 “to date we should have 76% of the population using the internet and. On that basis. We are still 16 months behind. Which is mainly due to gaps that as a country must be addressed.” said juan luis núñez. Manager general of digital country foundation. “it should be noted that the oecd countries average more than 80% of internet use among their population.” says the report.

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Which detected gaps in the use of the network. “the main gaps that explain internet use in chile are years of formal education. Age. Economic quintile. And whether the person lives in an urban or rural area.” he adds. Regarding this last geographical aspect. The districts of lumaco. Río hurtado and paredones are the ones with the lowest internet use. Reaching only between 18% and 23%. While in districts such as vitacura. Providencia and las condes. Users internet exceed 90%. Likewise. The report shows that between 30 and 50 years of age there is the highest level of growth.

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While older adults have the lowest levels. Business and government level meanwhile. The use of the internet by companies in 2016 reached 3.5% of gdp. A figure equivalent to a delay of 32 months compared to the level expected in december 2016. Considering that the goal for 2020 is to reach 5.6% of gdp. “at the oecd level. This figure places us among the last positions. Since this group of countries averages 5.6% of the size of the information economy. Being led by south korea (10.7% ). Japan (7%). Ireland (7%) and sweden (6.8%)”.

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