Fix Slow Gutenberg Post Editor in WordPress

WordPress replaced the classic editor and introduced the Gutenberg editor with the release of version 5.0. Since many users like the ease of the old classic editor, WordPress still offers a “Classic Editor” plugin to continue using El Salvador B2B List the old classic editor interface. However, Gutenberg is the future of WordPress and you have no other options to start using it sooner or later. Although the Gutenberg editor has drag-and-drop blocks, it loads very slowly, which impacts content publishing. The Slow Gutenberg editor is one of the biggest issues holding users back from going for it. If you are struck by the constant loading of the Gutenberg editor. Here are the reasons and fixes to make the editor faster.

Post Editor in WordPress

Check your internet connection Delete the blocks you don’t use Disable meta boxes Stop Auto save and Revisions Avoid large tables Use a lightweight theme and plugins Update WordPress Check your accommodation Use the classic editor Gutenberg will load many necessary scripts and styles for each block element. Thus, the initial loading requires a proper internet connection. If you have a very slow or interrupted connection, you will see error messages on the editor. For example, the slow connection will cause auto-registration to fail and display a message like “Update Failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response”.

Gutenberg Editor

El Salvador B2B List
El Salvador B2B List

Check that your Wi-Fi network is strong enough or try using network cables for a stable connection. Also make sure that you have a free internet connection without blocking services. Otherwise, you need to use a VPN to unblock the internet. In Autosave is a core feature of WordPress that allows saving different versions of the post. When you encounter an issue like internet connection failure, you can grab the latest version from autosaved revisions. While this is a useful feature from a data retrieval perspective, saving content every few minutes in the editor will impact your speed. As shown in the screen above, you will get a JSON error when autosave fails in the editor. You can see the process running in the background listed as “Recording”. During this time, WordPress will also disable the “Publish” or “Update” button affecting your work.


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