Is It Okay For Google To Exchange Or Exchange Links

Today’s question Ask SEO is from Alexandra in Romania who asks. Are links from websites you have not linked to more valuable than links from. Sites you have linked to communication can be done easily. And i wondered if google saw this as bad practice. There are many high authority websites see Forbes that add nonflow tags to every link they include in their posts. Perhaps this is one of their strategies for making them appear to be linked more often than they offer links. Link exchange is against google’s webmaster guidelines simply put. The exchange of contacts could result in a manual penalty from google. But more than likely the explicit correlation will be ignored by the algorithm. In other words, they are not worth your time unless they give you direct traffic. When you connect to a site you don’t know.

According To A Study By Hares

Almost 43% of the links pointing to top websites are relevant links. Reverse links happen automatically, and common sense tells us that linked sites will link. However Google says that link exchanges are against the rules. Unfortunately google is able to detect most explicit exchanges Brazil Phone Number and ignore the links from. Those exchanges or in the most obvious cases, penalize the participants. So is it okay to participate in reciprocal exchanges my point is that getting a single reciprocal link that makes. Sense would be a good idea for example if you have a trusted marketer, and want to link. For purposes other than seo link exchange is perfectly acceptable. What’s wrong is when you’re exchanging links with unrelated websites either.

On A Professional Level Or On A Stand

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Alone platform You may become connected to the wrong area. This could result in a reduction in rank or even a hand penalty. A good rule of thumb with reverse links is that if you only get. The link for seo purposes it may not be a good idea. Why does the site have a Nofollow link? Google recognizes that links that violate their guidelines are sometimes needed. For example, if you pay for ads on a website, they may link to your website. Technically, because this link is paid, it goes against Google’s guidelines. So a few years ago, Google applied the Nonflow feature to preferred links but it may be contrary to its rules. Recently, Google expanded the unfollow feature, adding two new features: sponsored links and user -generated content links.

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