Generatepress Premium Vs Astra

It used to be that only a few websites offered reliable content and readers didn’t have many options. However, the situation is completely different nowadays. People use content management systems like WordPress Malta WhatsApp Number List and create thousands of websites that offer similar content. Therefore, as a site owner, you need to focus on other ranking factors like speed optimization besides having great content. In this article, we will compare two WordPress themes that help you create fast-loading websites. You can also check the separate GeneratePress and Astra theme reviews. GeneratePress Vs Astra Choosing the lightweight theme is one of the important aspects of creating fast loading websites. For this, you have two good themes – GeneratePress and Astra. We used premium versions of these two themes.

Business Model

You can download the free theme with basic functionality from the WordPress repository. For additional features, you need to purchase the pro version from the developer’s website. The pro version is an add-on plugin that you can install like any other plugin on your WordPress site. For GeneratePress, it is GeneratePress Premium (GP Premium) and for Astra, it is the Astra Pro add-on. After installing the premium plugin, you can activate the required modules to improve typography, colors, spacing, etc. You can get help via a ticket or a forum on the developer’s website. Although the entire business model is the same, there is one important difference. Tom Usborne is a sole developer behind the GeneratePress theme while Astra is part of a Brainstorm Force company.

Theme Pricing

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Malta WhatsApp Number List

If you know, Brainstorm Force has many other products like Convert Pro, Shema Pro, Ultimate Add-on for Elementor, etc. Therefore, it depends on you whether to go for a company’s product or buy an individual developer’s product, which can affect two of the things: There is always a risk of using an individual developer’s product, as the whole development process can have an impact depending on the availability of the developer. However, companies in general maintain and update the product well. On the other hand, you can get an accurate response from an individual developer for support queries because they know the code. However, companies have a support team that can work as mediators instead of problem solvers.

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