Get Product Analysis Thailand Phone Number Relieve Knowledge Anxiety, Poison or Antidote?

Screening and screening huge amounts of information in a limited time, selectively learning and absorbing, this process has a high opportunity cost and brings a heavy load to people – what is the information worth acquiring and how can it be effective? How to use this information to catch up with the development of the times, how can we Thailand Phone Number reduce the time cost of knowledge acquisition…A considerable number of people suffer from information anxiety , which is ” a stress state when they cannot access, understand or utilize the necessary information. “. They desperately need a way to help them relieve this feeling of overwhelm and anxiety.

Product positioning

” Knowledge is getting “. From paid audiobooks to paid columns, to teenagers getting set up with academies, and getting anchored in the field of online knowledge payment, the horizontal and vertical layouts are quickly and clearly expanded. As a knowledge agent , it becomes a channel for users to connect with knowledge, and through Thailand Phone Number courses, e-books, and audiobooks as information carriers, it commercializes, systematizes, and simplifies knowledge. It satisfies modern people’s demand for quick, complete and efficient knowledge acquisition, and also conveys to people the ways and concepts of lifelong learning, fragmented learning, and inter-professional learning.

Competitive Analysis

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Looking at the knowledge payment industry, we find that the positioning of different knowledge payment platforms is quite different. The Thailand Phone Number courses of Get and Himalaya overlap greatly, mainly promoting audio knowledge courses and audio book sales, which are the two leading platforms in the field of paid knowledge.

In addition, Zhihu, Douban, WeChat and other platforms do not focus on knowledge payment vertical business, but as expansion business of core business. Among them, Zhihu app has a large volume in the field of paid knowledge, which has a great overlap with the product positioning obtained. Therefore , Himalaya and Zhihu were selected as competing products for analysis.

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