Google Analytics Alternatives: The 5 Best For Gdpr

It is not uncommon for some companies and webmasters to want to. Use an alternative to Google’s famous web audience analysis tool. Increasingly, the benchmark tool threatens to be disabled or restricted in Europe. Here is why you should consider taking Italy Phone Number List alternative as. Well as a top 5 of them. Summary: Why consider taking an alternative tool to Google Analytics? GDPR (data protection and privacy) As we said in the preamble, Google Analytics is a tool that may be living its last months in Europe . Austrian authorities were the first, in January 2022, to officially declare Google’s analytics tool non-compliant with the European GDPR.

The problem is that today, Google sends our data to the United States to proces. It and this is what is criticized by the NGO Noyb. One can easily imagine that this is only a start and that it will change things throughout Europe. This is why it is important to consider the use of another data analysis tool for your website, in order to anticipate the possible ban of Google Analytics in Europe. Easier to use tool This is an important point of Google Analytics. Maybe even that’s what makes its charm: the large amount of data in a not so clear interface . Of course, the Analytics experts who have been using it daily for years probably don’t see the problem.

Fathom Analytics: The Simplified Webanalysis Tool That Respects Data

The 5 best possible alternatives to Google Analytics Matomo (formerly Piwik). The Open Source alternative matomo web analysis Matomo Overview of web analysis interface Matomo. Formerly known as Piwik, is a free and open source web analysis software.  The collection, storage, security and processing of its data. Its main advantage over Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica is this. Differentiating point since the user remains the sole master of his data. Of course.  This therefore also implies that the data will take up server storage space and that it will have to be kept secure. Which is not the case with a tool like Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica.


A heatmap feature matomo heatmaps Preview of a heatmap report as it appears in the. Matomo interface User session analysis matomo session analysis Overview of the interface for viewing a user’s session with. Matomo Conversion funnel analysis Conversion analysis based on 6 different attribution models to choose from. The analysis of forms with the highlighting of the less informed non-mandatory fields. Analysis of interactions with videos hosted on the site (watching time, % of complete views of the video, etc.) Web analysis of intranet and extranet An A/B testing feature (on the other hand much less successful than Google Optimize) Connection with the main e-commerce.

Simple Analytics: The Ethical And Simple Alternative

CMS to collect real data associated with conversions and baskets The connection of the Google. Bing and Yahoo Search Console to feed interesting. SEO data directly into Matomo Unlike Google Analytics. Matomo gives its users access to 100% of their data. So sampling simply does not exist on this alternative. According to the Cnil. In order to be in compliance with the GDPR, Matomo only requires a slight configuration to be exempted from collecting consent from Internet users for the deposit of the cookies necessary for the operation of the tool. 2- Fathom Analytics: the simplified webanalysis tool that respects data Fathom is a Canadian analytics tool that takes the side of simplifying as much as possible. First, it is important to specify that even if they are from Canada.

In fact, they comply with all the different standards on data exploitation such as… They say it themselves, they wanted to develop a modern tool, which respects privacy, which is easy to use and which treats citizens well. For once, difficult to give them wrong, they seem to have succeeded. On their site, Fathom tells us: “ we sell software, not data ”. This sums up their state of mind and their will. Concretely, they prefer to provide us with a paid tool, but not to have to resell our data for remuneration. The data thus remains completely anonymous . The small problem with Fathom is that it is only available in English.

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