Google Dmca Removal Request

Building and maintaining a long-term website takes money and effort. In addition to Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List writing the content, each article must be edited, proofread and formatted before being published. However, there are plenty of copiers on the web, just copy and publish your hard-working content. Unfortunately, sometimes Google will rank copied content ahead of your site for a variety of reasons. If you find such a thief stealing your content, don’t worry and panic!!! There are copyright protection laws to take action against these digital thieves. In this article, we will explain with an example how to file a DMCA takedown complaint with Google and remove stolen content from other websites.

What Is the Dmca?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which helps protect original and copyrighted material from content thieves. You can read more about the DMCA on this Wikipedia page. When you find that someone has stolen and reposted content from your website, there are two ways to handle the situation. Go to the official DMCA Services website to file a takedown notice and send it to the website owner. This process is simple, but costs money. It costs $199 per site for full support or $10 per month / $100 per year for do-it-yourself takedown notices. DMCA Website Form DMCA Website Form If you feel uncomfortable spending money claiming your own content, taking it directly from Google is another option. We will discuss this process in this article.

Prepare Before Filing a Complaint

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

Removal Request Google also handles DMCA complaints and allows webmasters to file a takedown notice directly. Google calls this a copyright takedown notice and you can file it using the takedown dashboard using your Webmaster Tools account. Google does not guarantee removal via the DMCA removal process. In our experience, it takes up to 10 days for Google to accept or reject the request. Upon verification, Google will instantly remove the pages without notice to the recipient or requester. The requestor can check the status from the removal dashboard while the recipient will receive the email after removal from the search results page. All complaints are logged in the Lumen database and also displayed publicly in search results. When Google removes the page, AdSense ad serving is stopped on the copyright-infringing page. Prepare before filing a complaint.

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