Google Resizer, A Free Tool To Test A Responsive Site!

Google has just launched Google Resizer. A brand new free online tool allowing any Internet user, without having to log in, to test the display of any website on all. PC screen resolutions, tablets and mobile. To test sites adaptable to different screens. There were until now 2 main possibilities: via the “inspect element” feature well known to developers. Google Cambodia Phone Number List allows you to test any page of a website, it is thus possible to test the home page but also any deep page. This new Resizer tool complements, but does not replace, the mobile compatibility test tool launched some time ago by Google. Summary : How to use Google Resizer? To start, here is the access the tool will automatically load.

The website in several resolutions. Google resizer leptidigital This display is interactive is thus possible to scroll on the different terminals. To have a quick overview of the adaptability of the website tested. To test the site in detail, the tool then offers two distinct icons at the top right. The first icon allows you to test a site with the main computer screen resolutions. The second is dedicated to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). google bar resizer Once the first or second icon has been clicked. Horizontal bar allows you to select the resolution to be tested. A simple click on “1280”, “960” or “840” for example will change the preview of the website to the selected resolution.

How To Use Google Resizer

The Google Resizer tool in action: google resizer gif Nothing better than a small animated. GIF to present the feature to you in a more interactive way. En résumé, ce nouvel outil Google Resizer est une version allégée et simplifiée de. l’outil similaire accessible depuis la fonctionnalité. L’alternative à Google Resizer : Pour ceux qui souhaitent accéder à l’autre fonctionnalité que je mentionne dans cet article, voici la procédure à suivre. Sélectionnez en haut à gauche le terminal à tester puis faites un. F5 pour rafraîchir la page et avoir un aperçu du rendu de la page sur ce terminal. Pour plus de confort d’utilisation, passer en mode plein écran en appuyant sur la touche


F11 de votre clavier Voici ce à quoi l’outil ressemble une fois. La procédure suivie et l’affichage configuré pour tester. LEPTIDIGITAL sur un iPhone 6: responsive chrome testing tool. A similar functionality also exists on Mozilla Firefox, also accessible via a right click then “Inspect element”. The Mozilla tool is accessible for its part on the right of the console displayed once. The previous manipulation has been carried out, via a square icon. Placed next to the cogwheel icon:Sarbacane Like most Emailing software now. Sarbacane offers its users a very simple visual interface for creating emailings thanks to predefined modules which. Once added to an existing template or to your own template, remain fully modular and customizable.

The Google Resizer Tool In Action

The interface works thanks to an intuitive drag and drop system. Which makes the creation of an emailing from 0 ultra-simple and fast even without any knowledge of HTML and CSS. 7- The responsive accessible in 1 click! responsive emailing Sarbacane-desktop With Sarbacane All the customizable templates that you can use as a basis in the visual editor are natively optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). While it is possible to preview the desktop and mobile rendering of your campaign in the visual editor. The interface does not offer a preview in tablet format, even the campaigns will adapt perfectly. However, if you want to disable the automatic switching of your campaign. To responsive for X or Y reasons, it is quite possible in one click from the advanced campaign settings.

An HTML editor to import 100% personalized campaigns in HTML and CSS Of course, in addition to the visual editor which will delight. A large number of users, Sarbacane allows more advanced users of this type of emailing software to import their own HTML and. CSS code in order to control and optimize the entire source code for their emailing campaigns. 9- 4 methods available for importing images into scheduled emailings with Sarbacane blowpipe photo library. The platform offers its users 4 different ways to add images to their emails. We can : Import an image from the Sarbacane Desktop photo library. There are a total of more than 1000 royalty-free photos available in this image library.


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