Harnessing the Right Developer Skills

Technology company Stripe and the Harris Poll Institute surveyed thousands of executives and developers in more than 30 countries. The objective: to analyze Czech Republic WhatsApp Number how companies exploit the skills of their developers. The results of this research show that, for many, the talents of computer engineers are not properly employe and result in billions of dollars in losses every year. Developers remain a rare commodity Digital transformation is hitting every business hard. Ten years after the economic crisis, it is no longer the shortage of capital that worries leaders the most, but the lack of technical and technological manpower essential for digitalization.

Developers Remain

For the majority of companies, the growth challenge turns out to be indeed the lack of candidate developers. In the market and the lack of software engineers. According to stripe, the best developers working on the right projects and the right assignments can make a huge difference to the business. However, many are not involve in the most strategic projects. Incorrect assignment of tasks to developers wastes time and money companies would indeed lose 300 billion dollars a year in terms of developer productivity, simply because the skills of the latter are misused. ” developers spend more than 17 hours per week addressing maintenance issues, such as debugging and refactoring code, and about a quarter of that time is spent fixing code errors, ” the study said .

The Best Tools

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number
Czech Republic WhatsApp Number

Working-time-dev executives and developers alike agree that the technology areas to focus. On today are artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and api services. Virtual assistants could be a force within the next 10 years. Developers, however, remain more pessimistic than c-level executives that their companies will be ready to take advantage of these trends. Developers worry about not having the right technology infrastructure and skilled employees. Are you also looking for talented developers? Become a partner of the 12th edition of the battle dev , on november 6th. Thousands of developers will compete in a real-time code contest. We had more than 5600 developers registered during the last edition.

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