Hourly rates: why it doesn’t mean anything.

In a market as competitive as that of graphic communications, we are often asked what our hourly rate is. In turn, you are asked is this really the best way to evaluate graphic design and infographics or any other professional service hourly rate comparison graphics so why does one communications agency charge 100 an hour and another 80 why does a contract with a company with a lower hourly rate ultimately cost more 1 experience some companies offer variable pricing depending on the expertise of the employee assigned to the project. Others offer the same rate, regardless of seniority or virtuosity of the employee. At proactif, we believe in pricing established according to the expertise of the entire firm and not of its team separately.


Service is Often Assessed From This Price.

In addition, rates are generally increased each philippines photo editor year for all companies and therefore a longer established agency will always have a higher rate than a new player in the market. 2 efficiency a graphic design studio whose employees benefit from ongoing training, advanced work tools stateoftheart software, automation, scripts, etc. And standardization of processes will necessarily be more efficient and faster. This gain in efficiency should not harm the companys profitability. In fact, it should be the opposite, since the finished product will be of higher quality. 3 cost price one of the methods most frequently used to calculate. The hourly rate is the companys cost price, to which is added a profit margin. However, the cost price can vary greatly from one agency to another. Today it is possible to have virtual offices and coworking spaces , which has an impact on this cost.

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Rates is Like Comparing Apples to Oranges.

Employee compensation and benefits will also differ DKB Directory between companies. All these elements greatly vary the fixed costs, and therefore the cost price. A company that is more agile and creative in terms of its business model cannot. Be compared to a traditional company. Comparing hourly rates is like comparing apples to oranges 4 what time to charge in. Addition to production, some agencies will charge for management time, meetings, proofreading, and research, while others will include these services in production costs. The total amount of your invoice, as well as the number. Of hours granted solely to the design will be influenced. 5 creativity finally, can we really quantify creativity how long does it take to come up with a logo idea and an original concept for an advertisement it is often said that inspiration can come at any time.

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