How Do I Cancel Auto-Renewal

Bluehost is by far the cheapest and most popular web hosting company for bloggers. You can easily purchase a hosting plan for less than $3 per month Egypt WhatsApp Number List and set up your WordPress blog in minutes. If you want to close the account after using for a while, remember to turn off auto-renewal billing. In this article, we will explain how to cancel auto-renewal billing in Bluehost hosting. Related: Everything You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Weebly Account? Renewal price at Bluehost Bluehost offers four plans in the shared hosting section. The lowest plan is called “Basic” and will cost you $2.95 (or similar). Bluehost Pricing Plans Bluehost Pricing Plans However, many bloggers overlook this initial offer price and make a mistake. First, the initial offer price is valid for 36 months, which corresponds to a 3-year contract.

Points to Take

Many bloggers promote Bluehost for an affiliate commission and you should not overlook these available details clearly available on the pricing page. Basically, here are the three points you should take: All plans renew automatically The initial offer is for a contract period of 3 years The renewal rate is almost 300% higher than the initial offer price The major problem here is automatic renewal. For example, if you forget to cancel the auto-renewal option of the basic package, you will end up paying $8.99 * 36 = $323.64. Although Bluehost will send email reminders before billing, many people quickly change the email or ignore it. Why should you cancel auto-renewal? There are two main reasons why you should be interested in overriding auto-renewal settings in Bluehost.

Refund on Renewals

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Egypt WhatsApp Number List

You are not satisfied with them and want to migrate to another service provider between the contract term. Your current contract term is about to expire and you want to switch to another service provider to avoid overpaying Bluehost, which is a good solution in many cases. For example, instead of paying the renewal rate of $8.99 for 36 months, you can migrate your site to DreamHost and pay $2.59 per month. If any of the above apply to you, be sure to turn off auto-renewal before exiting. How to cancel auto-renewal in Bluehost? Bluehost will charge your card approximately 15 days before the expiration date of the current plan. To avoid charging your credit card, we recommend changing the auto-renewal settings to manual renewal. Or you can disable renewal altogether.

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