How Do I Change the Site Address

The web server stores the site content and you can use the clients site address as the browser to access the site. Although servers store the address in IP form, you Jordan WhatsApp Number List can use the descriptive address to map using domain resolution. In many situations, you must modify the descriptive address of the site while keeping the same content. Content management systems like WordPress allow you to easily change the site address. In this article, we will explain different methods to change the site address in WordPress. Contents Reasons for changing the site address Site URL vs WordPress URL Methods to Change Site Address in WordPress Change site address from admin panel Using the  file Using the  file Editing Database Entries

Methods to Change Site Address

From admin panel settings Using the file Adding entries in functions.php file By editing the database. Let’s explain each topic in detail. Change site address from admin panel This is the easiest and most convenient. Way to change WordPress address URL or site address URL. For example, you can edit the address to add “/123” as a suffix. This will change all your site Remember that your WordPress address. URL should be the location where the installation files are available. Therefore, you should not change this unless the installation is available at the new location. If you change this wrongly, you will be logged out of the admin panel instantly. Your website may not work completely or display garbled content that is unreadable.

Editing Database Entries

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You can only change the WordPress address in situations such as changing the domain name or moving the installation to another location. If you made a mistake in the admin panel, you will be logged out and the login page will show you a 404 page not found error. In any troubleshooting situation without access to the admin panel, you can follow this option to add entries. Use the File Manager app in the hosting account or use the FTP client to connect to your web server. Locate the file in the root of your installation and modify the file.This will change the WordPress address and site address. URL the same and editable from the admin panel. You can change the correct site address and save your changes. Entries will not overwrite database entries, you can only use this method for troubleshooting purposes to reconnect to the admin panel.

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