How Do I File a Dmca Counter

In our previous article, we explained how to file a DMCA takedown request with Google. However, if you have received a notice from someone, you can submit a counter notice to dispute the removal of content. In this article, let’s explain how to file a DMCA counter notice with Google. Receiving a DMCA Notice It is not a good situation to receive a Austria WhatsApp Number List DMCA notice from Google as it has many consequences. Google will remove the page from search results. The search result will publicly display the DMCA complaint. Google will disable AdSense ads on removed pages. Therefore, it impacts your brand as well as your revenue. Below is an example of a DMCA notification received from Google. Let’s explain how we managed to restore the page in search results.

Before Filing a Notice of Dispute

Make sure of the following before filing a notice of dispute: Verify that the claim is true by referencing the Lumen database link in the DMCA takedown email received from Google. Check the jurisdiction of the plaintiff to find out if it is legitimate or false. Check if you have received prior notifications from the complainant. If the complaint is true, be honest and remove the content from your site. In the event of a false complaint, be prepared to fight to get the page back in the search results. Filing a DMCA Counter Notice with Google Click on the “DMCA Dispute Notification” link in the email. You will be redirected to a “DMCA Dispute Notification Form” page as below.

Url and Property

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DMCA Counter Notification Form DMCA Counter Notification Form Fill in the following details with correct information. Personal informations Select your country of residence, legal name, title and business name. Also indicate the e-mail address, contact address and telephone number. Be sure to provide the address in the requested format with street name, city, country and postal code. Google needs the appropriate contact address to file the counter notice. In our case, we did not provide city/zip code details when filing. Google sent us a clarification email asking us to provide full contact details. In the next section of the form, fill in the deleted URL. The next section is important for selecting content ownership. Make sure you select the correct option, if you are the owner, select the “I own the content” option.

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