How Do I Fix Headphones Not Working

Headset issues on Windows can be frustrating because you can’t play your music, movies, or even hear sound effects while playing video games. However, headphones not working are a common problem while using a Windows 10 computer. There are many reasons behind this Colombia WhatsApp Number List problem ranging from hardware issues to software issues. If you can’t hear any sound from your headphones, here are some solutions to fix headphone not working issues on Windows PC. Troubleshoot Headset Issues in Windows 10 The following troubleshooting and fixes will help you resolve the issue. You don’t have to try them all, just try the fixes one by one until your headphones work. Test your headphones and connections In most cases, the problem with your headset not working can be related to poor connection or poor compatibility.

Check the Headset Connection

Make sure the headphone jack is firmly connected to the right port. The port is marked with a speaker or headset icon and in some computers is color coded green. It may help to unplug the plug and plug it back in, then restart the computer. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, check that it’s paired to the correct device. If the headset has an independent audio control, make sure the volume is loud enough. Also check the volume control buttons on the PC to make sure the volume isn’t accidentally muted. Test the headphones with another device.

Troubleshoot Headphone

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If your headset is properly connected and the problem persists, try testing the hardware with another device. Try the headset on another computer or mobile phone. If you have another pair of headphones, try the pair on your PC as well. If your headphones don’t work on another device and the other pair works on your computer, your headphones may be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Check and adjust sound settings in Windows Sometimes your headphones may stop working due to incorrect sound settings in Windows. Adjust Windows 10 Volume Click the speaker icon in the notification area, the right edge of the taskbar. If the volume is muted or too low, slide the volume bar to increase the volume and test the headset.


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