How Do I Fix Service Images

Google is the dominant search engine among English-speaking users. Because of this, WordPress site owners take the guidelines and opportunities Guatemala WhatsApp Number List presented in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool seriously. One of the most common warning messages in the PageSpeed ​​tool is to fix images served in traditional format to server images in next-gen formats. In this article, we will tell you how to fix this warning in WordPress sites to Guatemala WhatsApp Number List optimize your images. Go to the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool page and test your webpage URL. You should see an opportunity displaying “Server images in next-gen formats” like below. You can see the potential size savings for each image and the estimated page load time savings.

Next Generation Image Formats

Before you continue, you need to understand image formats. There are three traditional and popular image formats: Joint Photography Experts Group (JPEG or JPG) – Coupled with, supports lossy compression Portable Guatemala WhatsApp Number List Network Graphics (PNG) – supports transparent and lossless compression and replacement of GIF Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) – a bitmap format supports looping multiple images. Now, new next-gen formats are recommended for websites: JPEG 2000 – improvement over JPEG standards for image compression JPEG XR – JPEG extended range format developed by Microsoft You can check out Google’s gallery to visually compare different images.

Conversion of Image Formats

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Guatemala WhatsApp Number List

Next-generation formats can significantly reduce the size of images, thereby increasing page load speeds. According to Wikipedia, 92% of browsers support the WebP format, making it a promising replacement for the traditional format. Therefore, you need to start using WebP format. To Guatemala WhatsApp Number List get rid of image serving warning in next-gen formats in PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. Conversion of image formats Although Google is pushing lightweight image format, they are not very popular with app developers. Many applications do not support creating images in these formats. For example, SnagIt – the popular screen capture tool for bloggers – doesn’t offer any options for creating next-gen format images. You can create in traditional format like PNG or JPEG. Many applications do not support creating images in these formats.

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