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In our previous article, we discussed how to insert linked posts in WordPress website. There are many free and premium plugins for inserting related posts in WordPress. However, inserting related content into a WordPress post is not an easy task using many regular related post Brazil Business Fax List plugins. In this article, we will explain how to insert inline related posts in WordPress. After Content Related Posts – Traditional Many plugins will automatically insert related posts at the end of content. Placing linked articles after content has the following problems: After content area is very cluttered with author bio, tags, categories, ads and comment link. These other widgets will reduce the possibility of users clicking on related posts. Reduced visibility – users won’t even scroll to the end of your content, especially when you have long blog posts.

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Inline linked posts are a unique post link inserted between post content. It’s a completely different approach than traditional content-related posts. You can insert related articles between paragraphs. Therefore, users do not need to scroll to the end. The online linked post contains a unique post link, which can increase the click-through rate. You can allow other widgets like author biography and comments to freely occupy after the content area. Many popular websites use linked posts online to increase page views and hence ad revenue. How to Insert Linked Posts Inline in WordPress? There are several ways to insert linked posts inline in WordPress.

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Insert automatic inline posts using the Inline Related Posts plugin Use Ad Inserter to insert related third-party posts Manual insertion using Gutenberg reusable blocks We will explain all the options to you in detail. 1. Coupled with, Online Related Posts Plugin It is an efficient and effortless way to insert inline related posts into the WordPress site. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the “Plugins > Add New” section. Type “inline related” in the search box and locate the Inline Related Posts plugin. Click on the “Install” button then “Activate” to add the plugin to your site.After installing and activating the plug-in, go to the “Settings Related articles online” section. There are very few settings to enable inline linked posts on your site.

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