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The tool is there to give you indications as close to reality. As possible on the traffic of the sites and applications analyzed. You cannot therefore base yourself 100% on these figures to assert. That you have Kazakhstan Phone Number List data from competitors. On the other hand, the tool will give you a good overview of your situation vis-à-vis your competitors, for example. You can do the test on your own website to give you an idea of ​​the relevance of the tool . With the application of a ratio divided by 2 on the traffic displayed by the tool, we generally obtain data that is already closer to reality. On the other hand, it really depends on the websites. The data displayed should always be taken with a grain of salt,

Like all tools of this type. SimilarWeb is here to provide you with trends more than exact numbers. Unlike the site listed above, Isorepublic does not require any registration. To save the images of its choice after research. 15- quality royalty-free images and a well-made search engine! In addition to quality images, in the background is a truly essential free royalty-free image bank! 16- Life of free high-resolution photos! A graphic design or a website, this free high-resolution image bank is a very good resource that should not be overlooked. Although the volume of photos is quite limited (a few thousand). However, just for the quality and ergonomics of the site

Unique Content Compared To Other Platforms

It is worth the detour! 17- Reshot: royalty-free, unique and free images unique content compared to other platforms offering the same service. The photos it has are also of very good quality, which makes them suitable for all uses. What is also interesting with Reshot is that the photographs offered there are free of rights. Thus, you can use them as you wish even for a commercial purpose. You also have the possibility to modify the images that you will find there when you use them, without attribution or mention of the source. 18- Gratisography: free and royalty-free photographs. Very original images, whether for your personal project or for your professional needs. Gratisography is a solution among the free royalty-free image banks .


Entirely free of rights, the photos offered by this photo library can be used in all areas of activity. Visionary subscription. The most accomplished formula which integrates 6 users, a storage space of 20 GB, 50 addresses and 10 personalized domains. The number of folders and sending emails have no limits. It includes all the features of the professional subscription (message filters, automatic scheduling, catch-all email, support) and gives access to Pro Ton VPN protection. Available for €30/month (monthly subscription) or €288/month (annual subscription). To avoid having to deal with all these emails or having to unsubscribe from all of these alerts. Using a temporary email address will allow you not to be spammed and above all not to pollute your main mailbox.

Be Careful However, We Recommend That You Do Not Use A Temporary

Email address for your main personal social accounts because. In the event of a problem accessing your account or hacking your account, it will be impossible for you to recover it. 3- Create accounts on third-party sites without risking being spammed with their commercial emails Just like social networks. Many sites require you to register to be able to access free content. Free white paper, free video training or even a promo code. To avoid receiving too many commercial or canvassing emails after you have obtained what you were looking for. Opting for the use of a disposable email, in this case, can again save you email processing time.

Get price estimates that require adding an email address Many online quotes. Or online price comparison services require you to add an email address. In order to view price estimates or get online quote results. Opting for the use of a disposable email address. Will allow you to obtain the  information without the risk of being contacted again later. When not to use an ephemeral email address? If you create an account on a site that asks you for personal data and you are to provide your real details. We advise you not to use a disposable email address which will be less secure than a standard email address, which you can make it more secure, as shown here for a Gmail account in particular.

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