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Can you build a business that passively collects leads online? And if you can, how long will it take? More than likely, you are already investing money and time in online marketing and wondering how long it will be before Vietnam WhatsApp Number those dollars and hours pay off. Or maybe you haven’t committed yet and are just wondering how much time and money you should invest before the leads start rolling in. And then there’s your main fear: what if the leads NEVER start piling up? Then what ? Should you throw in the towel and cut your losses? Or should you keep investing, praying for results?

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Before determining what realistic expectations look like for your business, answer these questions. 1. What is a “Result”? Someone could claim that generating leads is directly related to revenue, but they would be lying . Closed leads generate revenue…leads don’t. Of course, you can’t have a track closed without having a track first. And without leads, you’ll never earn a penny. But, at the end of the day, you want to measure your success by the number of people who pay you money, not by the number of people who show interest. (image source) You want to make money, after all – that ‘s the point. And to build a successful real estate business, you need clients who pay for your services.

Paid or Organic Traffic

Vietnam WhatsApp Number
Vietnam WhatsApp Number

Your online marketing efforts could generate thousands of leads, but if none of those leads turn into business, you’re doing something wrong. Take it from the yoda-esque words of Marketing Land’s Jeremy Smith: “Every aspect of marketing is totally useless unless it produces conversions.” Or better yet… Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless the conversions it produces. So what does all this mean, concretely? This means that your goal is not to generate more leads, but to generate leads with higher engagement . And to do that, you need to focus on ads, keywords, and content that target the right people. Remember, your goal is to generate revenue, not leads. And for this you need to make agreements. If you go with this mindset shift, you will see results much faster than the person who struggles to find leads.

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